The Flasher

Get The Flasher For Your Buddy

Our buddy “Gold Dust” Tom got rear ended on his 07 Street Glide by some numb-nuts in a truck; “…reachin’ down to adjust his stereo.”

It’s an easy install and with a couple of red bulbs it makes a remarkable difference in just minutes. The Flasher is an electronic controller for ’96 and up Big Twins, and 99-03 XL models. It makes the turn signals work as brake lights and flashes the turn signals and brake light three times when the brake is applied!

IMG 3463
IMG 3463
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Follow along as we install it on Gold Dusts bike.

  • First we removed the fart filter from the bike.
  • A quick read of the instructions to be extra confident.
  • Disconnect the rear wire harness located right on the fender above the battery box. (The instructions say to disconnect the battery. It is probably smart thing to do just in-case you short out the computer. But who said we were smart. We even brought it up and said it is only a couple of turns of a screw-driver, but we opted to GO-FOR-IT!)
  • The kit comes with a dab of dielectric grease so we applied it to the female ends of the Flasher harness and the bikes harness. I swear I heard that pig squeal when I dabbed on the lube.
  • Match up the corresponding male/female ends of the harness which simply goes between the original mated couple.
  • A quick zip-tie to keep the lady in check and we are ready to swap out the rear turn signal bulbs.
  • With the turn signal bulbs flashing with your brakes, best you make them red. You could put some of those red condom things over some clear bulbs or even keep the amber bulbs if you’re that much of a dweeb. Hell, I tried the love jackets, but they just got all hot and burned away. Clunk down the quarters and get red bulbs.
  • There’s a bit of dielectric grease still in the packet so we coated the ends of the bulbs nice and slid her in and gave it a twist. She lit up like Fourth of July at a John Mellencamp concert.

So now it’s your turn to step up and forget the little 15 dollar bell you bought your buddy, get him the Flasher part number CV4805 at Cyclepath Cycle. If you’re not in Southern California, give us a call and we can ship it to you.